Proms & Balls

Proms & Balls

1 May 2022 2022-07-26 13:56

Proms & Balls

Prom and Ball is what every young heart desires! Create the night of your dreams with the experts at The Wiltshire, who are here to help you organise and plan for an extravaganza. We will bring together a range of professionals (DJs, chefs and more) and offer expert planning advice to make sure your event runs smoothly and successfully.

Celebrate your coming of age at The Wiltshire and spend the final moments of your teenage years in style.

A Gorgeous Prom Night? We've Got You Covered.

It would seem impossible to put together a great prom night in a short time, but by entrusting the Wiltshire Hotel, you can sit back and relax. We will ensure that you and your guests have a fantastic time, by leaving no stone unturned be it decorations, music, food, or the overall ambience.

Make a reservation with us in advance.

We can help you plan and reserve the entertainment aspect of your event in advance to ensure a wonderful evening. Book a prom or ball event early, so that you have enough time to make sure everything is meeting your expectations.