Baby Showers

Baby Showers

1 May 2022 2022-07-26 13:58

Baby Showers

Hosting a baby shower entails extensive planning and organisation. We at The Wiltshire Hotel understand the trade of arranging such events and the emotion in preparing for such sensitive moments. We also pay close attention to what the mum-to-be wants, assisting you with planning every step of your event so that no detail is left out.
Trust us, for we shall make it a heart-warming and soulful day for you.

Thematic Baby Showers:

We make sure to give you the best experience possible when it comes to your baby shower. We will assist you in choosing themes that fit the style of your party, while making sure the guests have everything they need.  Our baby shower themes are designed and created, keeping in mind the taste of the parents-to-be.  We ensure it’s a memorable event for all.

Wiltshire Hotel Invites You to Celebrate the Miracle of Birth

The significance of a mom-to-be’s day begins from the moment when she counts down to the delivery date. A special day will be marked with your baby shower, and best of all, you get to enjoy it to the fullest. We’re here to help you make it perfect! 

The entire evening will be full of surprises for you and your guests making it a night to remember.